Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Treat Wrap

Easter will be here this weekend.  I wanted to put together a little something for our annual Easter picnic.  I decided to make a treat topper for my family this year.  You can fill this fun little wrap with all kinds of small treats or a non candy item.  If you have a pair of decorative edge scissors you can even trim the top for a little extra fun.  So when I designed my wraps I chose two to fit on a regular copy page.  These work best printed on card stock.  I also like to print mine double sided with a print on the opposite side.

 In this example I hole punched the top and tied it with some ribbon.  I put a pack of gum inside my wrap. you can easily add a clear cello bag inside with your items as well.

 Here is my alternative choice.  I love being able to design two on a printed page.

This is the other side of my wrap.  When you open it up you can see a print on the inside.

Score the card stock at 4", 4 1/2", 5" and 9". Fold the card stock in half at the 4 1/2" score line.

Now fold the 4" and 5" score line in the opposite direction to create the bottom of the treat bag cover.

I featured a tutorial for Valentines Day with further instructions on how to make a wrap.

Graphics kit I used to create my wrap came from Bunny Trail by Forever Joy

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