Friday, October 4, 2013

Falling leaves and Sweater Weather

Autumn is my all time favorite season!  I love the cooler nights after a long hot summer.  It is so nice to pull out some comfy sweaters, my favorite slippers, and a mug of pumpkin spice hot chocolate.  I also love to plug in some scented pumpkin to fill the whole house.  Of course once I get started with the season I need a fun print to frame for my house as well.  So I was so happy to see Nature's Best by Boutique cute dolls. 

So I pulled in some of the leaf elements from Nature's Best kit as well as some branches and leaves elements from the Be Thankful kit. I really like using a program called Heritage Collector Storybook to design and store my graphics kits.

I am also a font collector and  I thought the swirly Albemarle swash font I chose for the text worked perfectly. This was so fun to make and I am excited to frame and display this 8x10 print in my home! Are you ready to design your own? Or make one up to share as a gift!