Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chipboard Tree Ornaments

 December is fast approaching and I have had a project that I started back in October that I finally finished and am excited to share with you!  Christmas chipboard frames.   I love the new curvy wood frames that you can paint and display your favorite photos in.  I wanted to purchase some 4x4 sizes for my Christmas tree this year, but almost choked at the price tag.  At $8 a piece and I would need 15.  Well you do the math.   So I began thinking of another alternative that would give my Christmas tree the personal family appeal I wanted this year.  Chipboard came to mind.  There are several things you can do with this versatile heavy duty paper.  You can purchase some sheets at your local craft store and free hand a design you like.  Or you can purchase some already in the shape and cutout you want.  I chose to purchase some already cut out and ready to paint from Etsy.  I picked up some tubes of craft paint in green, cream, brown, and red with some craft ribbon and some extra glue sticks.  When I was ready to begin I painted my chipboard.  While it was drying I headed downstairs to my computer and opened up Storybook and chose the pictures I wanted to use.  The size of the opening of my frame was 3x3 so I sized my pictures down to scale and printed them from home on my printer.  Of course I was able to enhance them any way I chose in Heritage collector so they would look the way I wanted when I printed them out.  Once the frames were dry I hot glued the ribbon to the back of my frame attached my pictures and viola my very own Christmas chip board frame at a fraction of the price! I love all of the many projects I can do with my photos using Heritage collector.  This would also be a fun way to display your family Christmas cards over the years or highlight some of those special people in your life this Christmas.