Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

This past week my kids came home from school with a note  reminding me that teacher appreciation week was coming up.  I really have fun making up gifts.  I downloaded some fun spring graphic kits this past week from Echo park paper from Jessica Sprague.  I think these ones are from Deena Rutter and Lori Whitlock.  I was looking for an excuse to make something so this project worked great.  It would be fun to add these to a framed 8x10 magnetic board.  I may attempt to make one later this week.

Supplies needed for this project:  Clear glass rounds, scrap book paper, card stock, clear cello bag, modge podge, glue, and magnets.  I designed a 4x4 topper to fit a 4-8 inch bag and glued some matching paper from the same kit  to clear glass rounds. I let these dry and then added a magnet to the back. I then cut out some white card stock and taped each finished magnet on the page. In an earlier post I also made some of these for birthday gifts.  The toppers can easily be switched out to say anything you want.  All at the touch of a button in Heritage Collector Storybook.

Here is a closeup of the completed project

Today we made up some personalized thank you cards to go with our gift.  These were super easy to make. I used the coordinating graphic kits to design and print a 4x6 photo card.

We love our teachers!  It was fun to put together a personalized unique gift for each of my children to give.


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    1. Thank you! I enjoy making and giving homemade gifts! :) Have a lovely day.