Sunday, March 30, 2014

Recipe Card and Treat Topper Freebie

I love trying new things.  Especially a tasty treat. I love different flavors of salty or sweet popcorn. So when I tried this candied popcorn at a party, I was hooked from the very first bite!  Once I was able to get a copy of the recipe and try it out I couldn't believe how simple it was to make.  This is so easy and yummy that I think you will agree.  

I designed  two recipe cards with Heritage Collector Storybook to share with for you.  Compliments of Boutique Cute Dolls.

You can print these out as a 4 x 6 and add it to your recipe stash.   Just click on the image, save and print.

When I made my last batch of this Candied popcorn.  I added a little bit of yellow food coloring to make mine a bit brighter.  I have also heard that adding your favorite unflavored package of kool-aid to the recipe can give you a ton of flavors and colors to try!

I decided to make a coordinating topper that I could use to package my popcorn that paired with the recipe card.  I love sharing with others.

If they like this as much as I did you will already have a recipe printed to give away with your treat.  The dimensions are 5 x 10 printed.  


The recipe and topper were both created with Blissful Day. This new kit is just full of springtime color.  You definitely want to add this to your scrap booking stash! 

Enjoy! ~Terresa

Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Recipe Box

Last week I showed you how to make a table runner.  This week I want to feature a DIY Recipe Box.  So I started with these three fabric rosettes.  I wanted to match them to the colors of my table runner that I made last week.   

The items you need to make one are:   A cardboard recipe box, spray paint, fabric and your print for the top of the box.

The link above will take you to the print.  I sized mine to fit in Heritage Collector Storybook.

Pretty simple and fun to customize your own to your decor

Enjoy ~Terresa

Monday, March 24, 2014

Easy No Sew Table Runner

I recently found this gorgeous cotton duck fabric.  I couldn't wait to come home and make a runner for my table.  I literally had this completed in under 15 minutes without any sewing!

You can find the fabric I used at Hobby Lobby or I pinned the link under my sewing board on Pinterest. To make one the first thing that you need to do is figure out the length and width you want your runner to be. Then add an inch and a half to the edges all the way around.  You can choose to fold the ends over twice if you wish to hide your raw edge.  I didn't want the extra bulk so I skipped that step.  No one but me will see the underside anyway! My finished runner dimensions ended up being 14 x 88 inches. 

Now that your fabric is cut to your specifications iron your edges.  Once you have the fabric pressed make your corners!  I loved finding this little tip to make a clean corner look really great!

Now that you have ironed your edges and folded your corners pull back the ironed edge. Open it back up and run a thin line of fabric glue along the ironed line and then pull your edge back over to cover.  Gently smooth the edges down and let it dry.

The amazing thing about this runner is that I used my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon and with the cost of the glue this project only cost me $15 total and I made three table runners to share at $5 each!

Enjoy ~Terresa

Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

DIY Free Bookmark Printable

This is a really simple project! Created in the spirit of those who love to read!  A DIY bookmark. Compliments of Boutique Cute doll.  Her latest kit was perfect for putting a few personalized bookmarks together!

Do your kids often come home with a book they are reading in class?  Do you have a stack of books you would like to enjoy this Spring? Then this is the printable for you!

 Boutique Cute Dolls is all about sharing the love!  The love of reading that is.  This latest kit is for book lovers everywhere. I love the darling elements that can be found in her latest kit Between the Pages.

To make these bookmarks I used Heritage Collector Storybook.  I sized each one 2 inches wide by 6 inches long.  I chose to add a fun element to embellish them and add some interest.  I used a hole punch to to make a hole for my ribbon to go through. 

I had some clear ribbon that I looped  then I pushed the looped end through the hole. Pull the ribbon snug.  Then I trimmed the ends of my ribbon a little V shape going in either direction.  

I just love reading and would much rather curl up with a great book than watch a movie! These printable’s can be printed as a personalized bookmark also.  Just right click save  and the download should be ready for you print. You can Easily add a name or personalize one for that reader in you life!  Print these onto a heavy card stock and trim for the perfect reading buddy.
Here is your book mark freebie. Right click on the image and print on card stock.
Enjoy~ Terresa

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Laminated Dry Erase Calendar

Doesn't this calendar radiate happy? I have spring fever right now.  It has been a long cold winter in Utah where I live.  I was so excited to see the tops of my tulips poking through the soil in my yard this week! It has been wonderful to feel the warm sun and see some blue sky.  I really love the seasons, but winter seems to hang around a while.  I really begin to miss warmer days.  So to bring a little sunshine indoors I decided to create a calendar and menu planner for my fridge.  It also doubles as a gift I can give others.  I love to create projects that are useful and also pretty to look at.
  I just love these sweet houses in the kit My Sweet Home!
I just thought they were darling and worked perfectly for the theme of my family calendar. To make one you need to create your design and elements on a 14x11 size page.  I created the menu as a regular copy size and put two on a page to print.  Roughly a 5x7 printed. Once my design was complete I printed it on photo paper and  laminated it.  You can attach magnets to the back of the page or create your own!  Add a dry erase pen and you have a completed project! You can't help but feel cheered up when you look at the happy bright colors and elements in this kit. You can learn how easy it is to make a custom calendar project with Heritage Collector.  The software comes with  step by step instructions to make your very own.  Heritage Collector is a fantastic program.  I love the free webinar classes that make it super easy to learn how to make custom projects.

I just love this kit My Sweet Home.  You can purchase at the Oscraps store!  You could create a ton of darling projects with it.  I can easily think of a few. Custom cards,  a gift box, and some especially fun layouts on a scrap book page. Happy scrapping!