Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scrapbook Birthday Magnets & Paper Flowers

Every year I try to brainstorm new ideas for birthday gifts.  I try to come up with something that fills the criteria of pretty to look at, functional, and fun.  My girls also like to help make their gifts. I have three daughters who have a lot of friends and I needed to come up with a new idea for this year.  We can't repeat the same idea as last year of course!  So I  want to share my idea with you for this years birthday gift.  Fridge magnets.  You can never have enough of those right!  My teenage daughter even uses them in her locker at school.  They also work great on those fun magnetic boards that have been so popular this last year.  Your daughter can use her magnets to hang notes on them. Best of all these can be created easily with Heritage collector Storybook!

Here is the finished project.  I created a 4x4 inch topper.  Then I cut out some flairs I printed from a digital scrapbooking kit.  I glued the flairs to the back of 1 inch bubble glass that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I attached a magnet to the back when they were dry.  Finally I taped them to cardstock and slipped that into the bag with the magnets attached.  I folded the toppers over the top and stapled them to the bag. 

Here is a close up of the finished gift. We plan to put them inside a fun bag with their favorite treat.  

My cute little helper.

We also made some fun paper flowers for decorating this spring.  My daughters are little artists and crafters and they love to help me with projects around the house.

I used a small paper flower punch.  Card stock and  some long stick pins and a craft ball.  With two of us working together it took about an hour. One of us punched the flowers while the other attached the stick pins to the painted craft ball.  We didn't want any white showing through and chose a pale yellow paint.

The finished project.

My other lovely helper.