Friday, January 10, 2014

Valentine Treat Wrap

I love celebrating Valentines Day! It is one of my favorite holidays. I have some great people in my life and I enjoy having an extra reason to take some time to show them I care.  I chose to use this Valentine wrap because it is was so easy to make and you can put a variety of gifts inside the wrap.  I decided to go with gum because my children are always searching through my purse for my hidden stash! Some other ideas are a gift card, favorite treats, lip balm, a favorite nail polish.  Really anything that is a small enough to fit inside. I plan on giving a lot of these away during the month of February. For this project I used card stock, double sided tape for the gum, a hole punch, and a small ribbon.

To make a wrap you will need a 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  I used some elements from Boutique Cute Dolls. SHe has some amazing kits in her store Oscraps. I put the project together in my favorite digital program Heritage Collector Storybook. This is an example of my original copy printed. I chose to create two designs. I also printed it with a colorful print on the back side so that when you open it up there is some color. As you can see above with the gum I placed inside my wrap. You could print this on your home printer.  However the quality at a local print shop comes out brighter and more vivid.  I usually print mine from a local printer.

To view folding instructions they are found here on Heritage Collector Storybook's blog.

 I really appreciate having a great digital program to use to create all my digital projects. If you haven't checked out Heritage Collector don't forget to take a peek! There are some amazing ideas to be found on the blog, newsletters with great tips and free classes.

It was fun to put these together and I am excited to give them to my children, friends and family for Valentines Day this year. I really love finding simple projects that I can personalize and share.  I hope I have inspired you to make a simple gift to show your love for the wonderful people in your life.

Coming soon Valentine photo cards.

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