Sunday, September 1, 2013

Framed 2014 Calendar

Christmas will soon be here!  I know it's only the beginning of September.  But I couldn't wait to share this project.  I love having a calendar and have several in my kitchen.  I wanted to have a mini one for my counter top.  My main reason for this project was to make some to give as Christmas gifts this year. I have learned over the year's that the best time to put together a gift is not during the month of December.  In the early fall I have more time to plan and design something for Christmas.

I began with with an unfinished wood frame.  Once the frames were painted.  I used a calendar file that my sister generously loaned to me that she had designed in Heritage Collector Storybook. The tutorial for the calendar can be found on her blog. The finished dimensions turned out to by 3x4 for mini calendar when cut out.  It fit great for this mini curved frame.  I attached the print with double sided tape to each of the 12 pages.  I will post more pictures soon of how I put together this project!

Wishing you a wonderful day with a great thought!