Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Quotes

I have been wanting to try out some chalkboard prints with Heritage Collector Storybook for awhile.  I finally got around to making some up today.  There are a lot of great fonts that pair well with the chalkboard background.  I could have designed the background entirely as a chalkboard effect.  I decided I needed a little color though.

This was really simple to create.  I looked through some of the kits that I had purchased and located some brushed effects.  Believe it on not the flowers I used here were originally in bright colors or black.  I changed the color to white.  I chose to use two free fonts called EcuyerDax, and  DK Claire de lune.  I thought the effect was just about right.

This second print is basically the same.  I just chose to use one less flower and a blue background instead. You can try just about anything with a chalk print.  I love being able to easily move elements and backgrounds around to see what works best.  One of the best parts about digital scrap booking!

For the print above I decided to add a little more color and a different font.  I used DK Claire de lune for this one. As well as the kit Happier by Deena Rutter. I thought the colors were fun bright colors to go along with the theme of the message here.  I love being able to print up my own personalized art for a gift.  A print for the kitchen or even a card for a friend. So many possibilities can be used with these prints!

My daughter has been begging me to paint a wall of her bedroom with chalkboard paint. After making these and discovering all of the fun possibilities with this look I may just move onto a chalkboard painting project next!

These last two  are not chalkboard style but I just had to add them! I thought the graphics went well with the messages of these prints.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teacher Thank You Gift

It is the end of the school year here in Utah.  My kids are getting so excited for summer!  It can be a challenge for them to continue to attend school when all they want to do is play with friends.  Or  go play outside and enjoy the sunny weather. I am sure that their teachers are also looking forward to summer vacation as well.

So I began thinking of ways we could thank my children's wonderful teachers for a great year.  I decided to keep with a summer time theme.  I chose this super fun kit Lemonade Stand from Daisy's and Dimples.  They have some great digital scrap booking kits to choose from. I have attached the link.

I thought the lemonade theme went perfectly with relaxing summer days.  So I downloaded the kit and designed some cards.  I thought they turned out perfect.  I picked up some plastic cups and some lemonade packets from my local store.  I then added a card.  The dimensions are 4 inches by 11  inches.  I then folded it and I slipped a gift card inside.

While I was thinking about lemonade I picked up a large jar of simply lemonade and made another card and attached it to the jar with some fun paper straws. The card dimension were 4x8 inches.

I picked up the straws at my local Partyland store.  Hobby Lobby also stocks them.  I thought the lemon tag went great with the lemonade jar. You could also attach a gift card inside

I decided to make up a batch of lemonade cupcakes. I picked up a Betty Crocker Lemon flavored cake mix. While the cupcakes were baking. I used one of the fun elements from the Lemonade Stand digi kit to design a card for the cupcake. Then I printed out a polka dot paper from the collection. You can get free cupcake topper printables here. I added a decorative edge with some craft scissors and  wrapped the paper around the cupcake liner and dropped it inside a plastic cup.

 The finishing touches were a lemon candy for the cupcake.  Cellophane and a clear tied bow and the card.

Below is a fun lightly lemon flavored frosting recipe for you to try!  I found some coordinating papers and lemon elements from the Lemonade Stand kit to put this together.  Heritage Storybook made it super easy to arrange the cards and elements  Enjoy!  Summer will soon be here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fabric Flower Wreath

My front door was in need of a little something new.  I haven't had anything on my door for spring and summer for a long time. So it was time for my door to get some color to celebrate warmer days.  I started with the items you see in the photo.  Some bright cheery fabrics.  I started with the print and then took my color scheme from there.

I found the wooden bird from the wood connection.  I then chose a favorite color and painted on two coats of paint.  When it was dry I distressed the edges of the wood just a little.

Once I arrived home with my fabric I got to work making these fun fabric flowers.  I was amazed at how easy these flowers were to make. I learned from a friend and also this tutorial. Literally only a few minutes per flower. They would be fun to add to a headband, a bag, or a little girls dress.  Tons of possibilities!

Here is a close up of the flowers and the little bird I used on a grapevine wreath.  I picked up my fabric from Hobby Lobby as well as the grapevine wreath.  I love using the 40% off coupon for craft projects!

The finishing touch was my curvy frame and of course the digital print I sized to fit in Heritage Collector Storybook.  The frame had a 2 x 4 inch opening and so I had to size down a bit with the digital print. I printed it out from my personal printer.  But if you want the print to last in the bright sunshine it would be better to do a photo print and laminate it.

What to you think?  Are you ready to go make one for your front door?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers Day

This weekend is Mothers Day.  I have been thinking about the wonderful mothers and grandmothers in my life.  I love that I have a chance to celebrate them on a special day!  So as the week has progressed I have been busy as most mothers are with birthday parties, household chores and a sick child. As well as trying to get a garden planted.  You all know I share the busy life of a typical mother! So I haven't had as much time to create a card that I wanted to make for the special women in my life.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to find this beautiful quick page.  That's right it was all created through the generosity of a great designer. I signed up for her newsletter to receive the quick page.

So all I had to do was pull the quick page into Heritage Collector Storybook.  Once the page was downloaded I could pick from any of my family photos and slide one behind the page.  Once that was complete I was able to add a little of my own personal touch to the card.  I sized the page down to a 4x6 size.  I think this would also be great as a 5x7.  I sent my print to Costco and it should be ready just in time!  Because I didn't get this card in the mail earlier this week it may arrive on Monday.  So I can also email this to each special lady as well.  I love how easy it is make a beautiful project with a quick page and this is so simple to do. What I love though is the personal touch it adds to a card that probably won't simply be thrown away but can be enjoyed for a while.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the beautiful mothers this Sunday!