Monday, March 18, 2013

Dry Erase Shopping List

I have been working on a little more organization when it comes to grocery shopping.  I seem to end up writing a list several times.  I decided that creating an erasable menu planner and shopping list that I could write on the fridge and then take with me to the store worked great.  If you are worried about the ink smearing you can slip it into a zip lock bag or write on it with permanent marker that easily wipes off with a little rubbing alcohol.  I have found that a fine point works the best for writing.  I attached a simple magnet to the back so I could have this on the fridge for easy access as I remember what I need to put on my list. This method also works great for the kids to make a note of something they need if I am not nearby.

I created this in Heritage Collector Storybook.  Completed dimensions are 6x4.  I printed on card stock and had it laminated.  A little glue and a round magnet to the back made it perfect!  Below is the finished project. The cards were designed with a kit from Lori Whitlock from Jessica Sprague.

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