Thursday, March 7, 2013

Laminate Dry Erase Calendar

I am so happy with how my dry erase laminated calendars turned out.  These were a breeze to create using Heritage Collector Storybook software!  I chose an 11x14 inch layout.  I wanted something I could put on the fridge for menus or for keeping track of day to day events.  Once they were complete I had them printed at Costco.  

Laminating them was easy too.  Alpha graphics had them ready to go within minutes.  Once they were ready I attached four magnets to the back of each one.  For writing on them I use a fine point dry erase pen.  These types of pens come in many colors if you want to color code for children etc.  

The completed project!  I also sell these at Copy That in American Fork Utah.  Message me for more info.  You can make your very own using the calendar module in Heritage Collector.

This last pic is of a framed 20x16 print. Instead of being laminated I write over the glass.  Basically the same concept.  We use this as a family event and menu board.  It has worked great!

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