Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dry Erase Fridge Organization

So my fridge needed a little something more.  I had already added a chalkboard message board to it a few weeks ago.  Which I love and you can see how I put it together in an earlier post. So rather than use a post it note or something else that wasn't working so well.  I decided to design my own dry erase list and combine it with a weekly menu across the bottom.  This made perfect sense!  When I am making up my list of the ingredients I am going to need  I can coordinate my weekly meals.  A big plus is that I don't get that dreaded question every night about what's for dinner.  My family can also easily take a peek at my list! This is a big help in making my week a little bit more organized.  This was a breeze to put together with Heritage Collector Storybook. The tutorial I used to make the magnets can be found on my blog as well. The kit I used was Odl-Lay-Hee  from Pixels and co.

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