Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I would like to share some great tips that will help to make your digital scrapbooking journey more organized, enjoyable, and best of all fun.

Tip Number One:

Begin with the end in mind.  You wouldn't want to leave out the yeast if you were baking bread would you?  Your end result would not be a beautiful shaped loaf of bread. It would be flat and tough to eat. The same type of problem can occur if you leave out an important step in the digital scrapbook making process. It has happened to all of us.  The vision in your mind of how you want a project to turn out seldom happens to go smoothly as you can encounter some roadblocks along the way.  You want to make this an enjoyable and roadblock free way to create and share digital scrapbook pages.  If the photo's you are using are tough to locate and are not backed up you can create a huge headache for yourself. 

Everyone has that dreaded container of old photos, or worse a computer cluttered with photos that are difficult to find. You can spend a lot of time looking for a specific photo and not be able to find it.  I want to share with you a fantastic program that has a great tool for sorting, enhancing  and organizing your photos. I highly recommend a program called Heritage Collector.  In my opinion the best feature of this program is the database that you get to design.  Once you create this savy database to your liking it will find photos in seconds, eliminate duplicates, and allow you to share and print your finished pages with the touch of a button.

Remember you want to have fun creating scrapbook pages. So before you even begin that scrapbook page you want to make sure your photo's are in a well organized database.   With the Heritage Collector program you can make finding your pictures and storing your completed scrapbook pages a breeze.  Using this system can help you store your scrapbook kit graphics and photos's all in the same place. The helpful tips are great too. One of the many features I have found that makes this company unique are online webinar classes. Genuis! I can log in from the comfort of my own home and follow a live instructor who can answer my questions and help me begin the process.   It couldn't be more convenient and easier to get started. Remember begin with the end in mind and you can create a great storage system with ease! Check it out below.

Click the Do more with your photos link on the top right to purchase or to learn more!

I created this scrapbook page using Storybook from Heritage Collector. I used the graphic kit Roots from Designs by Krista

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