Saturday, May 30, 2015

Birthday Interview


Birthdays are a big celebration at my house each year.  I love celebrating my wonderful children on their special day.  My children look forward to a day devoted just to them.  

This year I added a new tradition.  A birthday interview.  Long after the cake is eaten, the presents unwrapped and the balloons deflated. I want to have a sweet memento of the past year in their life. 

What I love most about this interview is that I will have a snapshot of their thoughts and feelings from the year to treasure and remember them by.  

To make your own first select the pictures you are going to use. We have this amazing river trail near our home.  We shared a half hour and I took some snapshots of my son on the trail.

Next create a list of personalized questions for your child to answer.  Sit down with them one on one and have a fun little interview.  You may even want to have their favorite snack to munch on while you chat together.  Once you have your pictures and questions complete you are ready to create your birthday interview page to print and frame. I designed my print in Heritage Collector Storybook to fit an 8 x 10 frame.  I created mine in a digital format with my pictures and two different colored texts. Black text for the questions and blue for the answers. I used a picture I found on flicker to create my template and page.  You are welcome to use my page as a guide.

His answer to question number 6 made me smile. Who is the coolest person on earth?  Me! 

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