Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Home Organization

So I recently saw a picture of this welcome mat.  It totally hit home. I seriously need one of these! If you are like me you can completely relate to this photo! Especially if you have children in the house right?  I am not the most organized gal on the planet.

I love to create and design things at home.  My problem is that the kitchen table most often resembles a jumble of  unfinished projects, fabric and crafts.  The table is really for enjoying meals together, but sadly my family often has to eat at the counter instead.

One of the ways I have found to tackle this problem I have with clutter is to use  a dry erase calendar to help me clean up. Each night before bed I write down one or two things I will do in the morning that are the most important things for me to clean up for the next day.  This works great because I don't have to lay awake at night worrying about what I will do tomorrow.  I can begin my day with a plan in mind.  I also know myself and if I keep to a 15 minute schedule I do much better. There are many more ways to utilize a dry erase calendar.  Menu planning, a family schedule, a to do list.  I have just highlighted one way you can put one to good use.  I created mine using Heritage Collector Storybook.  11x14 size.  I used Deena Rutters graphic kit from Pixels and Co. Odl-Lay-Hee kit.

I have been enjoying using mine so much that I added a shopping list with a menu planner to use together on the fridge.  I made one to give as a gift.  It was fun to personalize and share it.

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This is my quote of the week.  This one describes my life perfectly!

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