Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing at our house. Lazy summer days.  Trips to the river and the pool. Friends coming and going.  Never ending snow cones, ice cream and pop sickles. Night games and movie nights with popcorn. Camping, trips to the beach, road trips in the car. Oh to be a kid again.  Mom keeps it all together with  the fridge fully stocked and the laundry going to clean the never ending towels and swimsuits. The reality is that it's not all fun for Mom. Don't get me wrong I love summer too.  During all the chaos and trying to keep things going I have forgotten a few times to keep the battery in my camera fully charged. I really need to get a backup battery! Sometimes we forget something important like sunscreen.  Or I have grumpy kids from too many late nights.  But through it all one of my favorite things to do during the summer is to capture all those fun times on film. I get to follow my kids around join in the fun and hopefully catch a moment or two on camera!

It's fun for my family to look back at all the great times we had during the break.  This is my journal keeping in a nutshell.  I am not very good at writing day to day, but I really enjoy putting together a page and jotting down some of my thoughts about the pictures on display. I think my kids enjoy looking at them too.

Most of the pages I create are 12x12 size.  I love using Heritage Collector Storybook to create the layouts.  Most of the graphics came from Cool Summer, Sweet summer, and All about Boy kits.

I am also sharing these two summer adventures from Deena Rutter too. 

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