Friday, April 27, 2012

Making Cards

I am super excited to share what I have been doing lately.  It took me awhile but I figured out how to make and design a digital card.  Heritage collector storybook makes this so easy!  I love that I can choose the custom size of a page that I want.  I chose a 6 X 8 inch card that I could fold in half. The finished card should fit in a 4x6 inch envelope.  Starting this card helped me to see how easy this can be.  It also opened up  a world of possibilities for me.  Mothers day, Fathers day, Birthdays, Christmas.  Really any occasion that I want to make a card for.  I also made a treat bag topper.  I was even able to customize my facebook timeline!  Can you see all of the possibilities here?

Here is the card 

Here is the treat topper

A book mark example

So many fun things that you can create with the storybook program!  Check back for more fun ideas!

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